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Analogue and Digital Options – the Later communicating via the CanBus Data Network.
Incorporating Smart Phone Movement sensor Technology, Digital sirens and Fully integrated to include Walk up and Walk Away factory protocols as well as total closure and smart key operations.

Most European models from 2004 and Japanese models form 2007 will readily support the New Digital CanBus GN7C and GSW Can Upgrades – the latter model including within a single module, Security, Immobilisation and Global GPS tracking with the unique SECO Alarm Mobile phone app that enables you to review, operate and even track your vehicle entirely via SMS or via a PC based internet portal.

Pre CanBus vehicles will accept the GN6ID which has the same smart technologies of the GN7C – but using a smart analogue converter – this integrates to the factory system seamlessly and without Compromise.

The OLD technology that we still see other brands offering is obsolete and often simplistic. Many of the “so called upgrade” alarms can still be simply turned off by switching the central locking and the emergency flashers together – setting and then unsetting the “upgrade” alarm system at will- a compromise that is totally unacceptable.

All Dynatron Digital systems are now PC Based, fully programmable and importantly have passed all requisite testing to be fully compliant with the Global standard ECE R97 with Certification. These products are uniquely designed and manufactured in Europe for a world market – Uniquely Dynatron Digital and as always – we are proud to say that this is Simply The Best Incar Technology.


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